Fresh From The Farmers Market


This past weekend I stopped by the neighborhood farmers market with a couple of friends. However, it wasn’t until this weekend that I realized there was a farmers market steps away from our apartment! I always assumed it was one of the many weekend festivals in Chicago (beerfest, Germanfest, Old Town-fest, art fest…so many fests) amd tried to steer clear. But no, it was just a cute little farmers market that’s been going on all summer!

The flower selection was on point at this particular market! I always seem to get either flowers or cheese at farmers markets- 2 of my favorite household staples. The dahlias and snapdragons specifically caught my eye. I wanted to make an end-of-summer/beginning-of-fall flower arrangement. I’m finally, but sadly, moving on from the peonies and hydrangeas of spring and summer. One of my favorite shades for fall is purple. The snapdragons were a bright fuschia, which seemed like the perfect shade for a “transition” flower. And, when paired with cream dahlias and recycled milk jars, they made adorable vintage-looking arrangements!

These would look great at any late August or early fall event. I’m imagining them at a rustic wedding reception,  lined up on a giant farm table with lots of candles!

*All photos are mine, unless stated otherwise

Celebrate Everyday! Laura

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