Let’s Get Together

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I love hosting small catch-up sessions with girlfriends or pre-dinner drinks at our place. And these meetings might be small, but they can still feel like a party! There are a few finishing touches that can make small gatherings extra special: cute cocktail napkins, striped straws, sweet treats, pretty flowers, and fun drinks.

Cocktail Napkins– I’m borderline obsessed with cute cocktail napkins. I have a whole draw dedicated soley to these guys! My favorite places to find cocktail napkins are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Target.

Striped Straws– I use striped straws so often for two reasons 1. They are adorable and 2. I have so many leftover from the cocktail hour at our wedding and I don’t want to be wasteful and throw them away! My favorite places to find striped straws are craft stores (Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics), Etsy (for more patterns and colors), and Target.

Sweet Treats– small desserts make every event feel extra faaaancy. Macaroons, mini cupcakes, and tiny eclaires are my go-to’s. The best part? All of these can be found in the freezer section of Trader Joe’s and they are delicious, easy, and inexpensive!

Flowers– Flowers are pretty and make people smile. That’s my only reason! My favorite place to buy flowers is Jewel (3 bunches for $12!)

Fun Drinks– for catch-up sessions with girls its usually Red Wine, Pinot, or Champagne. If I have a little more time, it’s fun to concoct something up and serve it in mason jars or tumblers.

*all pictures are mine, unless stated otherwise

Celebrate Everyday! Laura


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