Bar Cart Makeover

photo 5

photo 3 (2)

bar cart double photo

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (1)


photo 4

I just recently re-organized the bar cart so it coordinated with the rest of our place. It was looking like more of an eye-sore than anything else; it was getting a little cluttered and messy. More “fratty” (eessh) than grown-up. I love checking out other bloggers’ bar carts for inspiration- my favorites include Lemon Stripes, The Life Styled, and Society Social. Their bar carts all include flowers, fun glasses, and pops of color. These blue goblets, my mom gave us for our wedding shower, were just the pop of color our cart needed. Add in some Pierre bottles, flowers, and striped straws and I was ready for a party! Now let’s see how long we can actually keep it clean and organized!

*All photos are mine unless otherwise stated

Celebrate Everyday! Laura


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