Wine and Cheese, Please

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Wine and cheese- is there a better combo? The majority of gatherings at our apartment involve wine and cheese, however I wanted to host a more “sophisticated” version. Aka, one that does not involve ritz crackers and a cheese ball (so good though!). One thing I had going for me? Hundreds of wine corks lying around from a d.i.y. project I never got around to. Free decor! Couldn’t waste these, had to throw a party.

We purchased a few bottles of red and white and asked our guests to bring a bottle of their favorite wine too. We also decided to combine this wine and cheese party with a game night. Our games of choice include- Cards Against Humanity and Salad Bowl (both great games to play with bigger groups). Overall, it was an extremely fun night-in!

Wine Pairings: Pinot Grigio paired with havarti, grapes, and almonds / Sauvignon Blanc paired with brie, green apples, and almonds / Pinot Noir paired with gouda, apricots, and walnuts / Cabernet Sauvignon paired with aged cheddar, dried cherries, and walnuts. Find more helpful pairing charts here and here!

Red Wine Glasses: Macy’s / White Wine Glasses: Macy’s / Tiered Platter: Potterybarn / Kraft Paper: Target / Sign: template here (via Make It Create)

*all pictures are mine, unless stated otherwise

Celebrate Everyday! Laura


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